2 thoughts on “Pain-causing churches”

  1. That first church, the one with the cultish characteristics, sounds extreme (I hope) but I’m afraid the other experiences are all too common.

    It’s sad that the people of God, of the Word, of the Spirit, are not more readily defined by loving each other and treating each other exceptionally well.

    The tempting part of letting a church “define” your relationship to God is that it’s so easily measured. If you’re there, you’re good. If you’re not there, you could be better.

  2. Although I have not experienced a split, I have grown up shaped by a church’s legalism and standards and harshness. I can relate to looking for a new and better church where you can experience and be taught about a relationship with God.

    But I can easily how I can tie my identity to the church.

    Thanks for the heads up on the article.

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