Are We At War?

Let’s say we all agree that there is a battle for souls going on, there is a struggle against principalities, there is a real Devil and we are engaged in a struggle- given.

But having said as much, do we fight with logic, reason, debate skill, erudition, point/counterpoint jousting, or is there another way? If we identify as “the people who are always at odds with the people who are not them” how are we differnent than the Amish?

And is that so bad? Amish folk are what they are, they don’t try to live in 2 worlds. But are they salt and light?

Let’s consider the current “Big Three”- Abortion, Evolution, Homosexuality (going alphabetically, so as to show no preference). Will anyone be debated from one camp into another? And if that is not the only way to go, what are some other ways?