A Little Seasoning

Last night we had a group of young people over for dinner and conversation. It had been such a long time since that happened, and I realized how much I had missed it.

The folks reminded Brenda and me of how we were back then. They are really wanting to pursue God, to discover what Jesus wants them to do, and to get some help from some older, more experienced people — that’s where we come in!

There were times over the years where we had the chance to learn a little bit from older couples, but I don’t remember anyone who was intentional about inviting us to really become a part of their lives. That’s something we’d like to fix with this current crop of young people.

I’m feeling this strange mix of competence and inadequacy. Some days, I am convinced I have something to offer. Other days, I am equally convinced that I’ve missed my chance and my time has gone. Still, we’re plugging away and are cautiously optimistic!

Next week we’ll be meeting with a group of college kids — yikes!

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