About me

I guess I have neglected to identify myself. I suppose it’s because this site has been a personal experiment. The very few people who actually know of and visit this site are much appreciated, but in case there are other visitors, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Darren Cacy. I was born in 1964, at the very tail of the Baby Boomer generation, and have lived in the Kansas City area all my life.

I come from an average family – two boys and a girl – and grew up in a typical upper-middle class neighborhood to parents who had a casual relationship with Christianity. (More on my church background here.)

I have eight childen and am employed as a computer guy at IBM.

I imagine that anything else I’d have to tell you about myself would be rather uninteresting, but I can be reached at blogman@blogwoods.net. Or, register and post something here, and help me in my journey.

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